If you don’t own a boat, it’s easy to make mistakes when driving a pontoon. Even the most experienced pontoons drivers can miss a critical moment. Some mistakes or errors can be easily rectified and won’t matter too much; others can simply be too expensive to repair! 

Safety is one of the most vital factors to keep in mind when driving a pontoon boat, so here’s what to avoid at all costs when embarking on a pontoon experience. Keep reading

3 Things You Should Keep An Eye On Before Driving a Pontoon

  • Forgetting to Do Trailer Checks Before Towing

There are a lot of checks that need to be done before towing. These include checking tire pressure, connections, and securing everything.

Otherwise, if you forget or ignore these recommendations, you could be putting your boat in danger, and more importantly, lives on the road, so check everything thoroughly before you head out.

  • Failure to Secure Your Vessel’s Items When Towing

A common cause of traffic accidents is an improperly secured load. Not making sure all of your boat’s belongings, equipment and tools are secured before towing is dangerous for everyone on the road. That said, make sure everything is secured before moving your boat anywhere.

  • Not Checking if You Are Tied to the Dock Lines

It’s easy to overlook that your boat is tied to the dock if you’re new to boating, and even experts sometimes forget, especially when distracted. That said, be assured to double-check the dock to make sure your boat is not tied up before pulling away to avoid any damage. 

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