The end of sunny days doesn’t mean the end of the boating season. With crisp air, beautiful fall colors, and fewer people on the water, fall can be the best time of year to go out sailing. However, the shorter days and cooler waters change the experience. 

There’s still time to enjoy the fall experience, feel safe, and have fun. The following tips can guide you to an unforgettable experience with friends or family. Read on. 

6 Helpful Tips When Sailing 

  • Keep lights handy

Sundown comes earlier each day during fall, and boaters can easily be caught off guard by it, especially if you’re boating during dusk. Be prepared with waterproof headlamps and flashlights, plus backup batteries. You should also check that your navigation lights are working properly on the boat. 

  • Keep an eye on the weather

Although autumn isn’t categorized as rainy, storms can form unexpectedly and often bring winds and cold temperatures. Check the weather forecast before and during your trip, so you don’t get caught by an unpleasant surprise.

  • Have a versatile boat

Choosing a boat that allows you to adapt to the weather or waters can help protect you and extend your boating season when colder temperatures arrive. This way, you won’t be stuck at anchor. 

  • Dress appropriately

Fall days can bring significant fluctuations in temperature and conditions. Dress in layers so you can adjust if it gets warmer or colder. Also, bring rain gear and a change of clothes.

  • Have a float plan

Let someone know where you are going to be and when you expect to return. It’s always better to be prepared and cautious when sailing. 

  • Food

Be sure to bring snacks, enough water, and food to last the duration of your trip or enough to get you to the nearest port. 

Gear Essentials 

  • Towels
  • Sufficient dry clothes
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat or cap
  • Sunglasses
  • Sufficient water
  • Extra batteries
  • Personal Flotation Devices
  • Gloves and rain gear 
  • First aid kit 

Enjoy a Fall Sailing Experience With Lone Star Marina 

Fall boating is an enjoyable experience, and we love to make it possible for you. You can visit Cedar Creek Lane, get a boat rental with Lone Star Marina, and enjoy the experience with your friends or family. Be prepared to relax and appreciate the autumn colors and weather. It is a unique experience you can’t miss out on. Contact us today to find the right boat for you.