In most parts of the country, shorter days and cooler winds mean winter is on its way with cooler temperatures, so it’s very important to protect your investment and prepare your boat for the seasonal cold ahead. If you’re going to keep your boat for a few months – and there’s a chance of freezing weather – you need to protect it. These steps will help you protect your investment. Read on. 

7 Steps To Winterize Your Boat For The Winter Include:

  1. Drain and fill the lower unit
  2. Pull out the propeller and clean any fishing line that may be wrapped around the propeller seals.
  3. Add stabilizer to the fuel not used in the fuel tank
  4. Fully charge batteries and disconnect battery cables
  5. Replace the oil and filter to get the boat ready for spring
  6. Flush the engine cylinders to prevent rusting
  7. Keep your boat stored indoors. If you have the benefit of storing it in a heated garage, that’s even easier. If you have to store your boat outside, it is highly recommended to wrap it to keep it dry and reduce the chances of mice, squirrels, or other critters making a cozy home during the winter months.

Products To Make The Winterizing Successful

  • Fuel stabilizer: Surprisingly, gasoline breaks down over time. It can form deposits that harden in your boat’s fuel tank. A fuel stabilizer keeps fuel fresh and prevents buildup while in storage during the winter. This eliminates the need to empty the fuel tank, and your boat will start easily in the spring.
  • Marine antifreeze: Just like in a car, antifreeze is essential to protect your boat’s hoses, engines, water systems, and other components during the winter. However, unlike in a car, you must be sure to use a marine antifreeze to achieve the desired effect.
  • Anti-fog oil: There are many valves and steel and iron parts in a boat’s engine. Anti-fog oil lubricates these parts and works to repel moisture to prevent rust.
  • Marine Vinyl Protector – Inclement weather can dry out vinyl deck seats and chairs faster than you think, causing damage you want to avoid. With this product, you will prevent your vinyl deck furniture from drying out and cracking during the winter.

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