From leisurely mornings on the lake to great water sports, there’s something for everyone at Cedar Creek Lake. Located just an hour southeast of Dallas, the lake is the perfect weekend getaway for families looking to unwind and recharge. 

You’ll find many lakefront homes with docks or rent a boat for a few hours of fun on the lake. If you are looking for an outstanding lake to visit, Cedar Creek Lake is the perfect place to rent a boat for a fun time with families and friends; these interesting facts might help you decide to do it.


4 Interesting Facts About Cedar Lake

Apart from the beautiful view, nice weather, and refreshing water of Cedar Creek Lake, some facts might attract your attention to visit it and choose it as your next destination.

Fact #1

Cedar Creek Lake is one of Texas’s fourth biggest and largest lakes with more than 320 miles of shoreline; it is located just one hour southeast of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

Fact #2

The watershed that supplies Cedar Creek Lake is more than 1,000 square miles in size – 1,007 square miles to be more precise, which equates to an area approximately 32 miles wide by 32 miles long.

Fact #3

The maximum depth is 62 feet. The lake also has three islands managed by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department as wildlife management areas for waterfowl.

Fact #4

Cedar Creek has several large coves, primarily on the east side, that is great for skiing, swimming, or fishing. On regular weekends, the water can get rough due to boat traffic and wind, but the coves are well protected, and you should be able to find calm water.

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