When you go out on the water at any time, safety and legality should be your top priorities. In the United States, every state has its laws and regulations regarding boating and safety regulations. Therefore, when preparing to rent a boat, you’ll want to keep this in mind. While some states do not require leisure boat operators to have licenses, they often require a boating safety course certificate.

To answer the question: Yes, almost all states require a boating education and safety certificate, also called a boating license. In many cases, the boating license course can be completed online, but don’t forget that hands-on training and on-the-water experience are also valuable.

Take A Boater Education Certificate Course 

Boater education classes are offered in two modalities: online and in-person. The style you choose will depend on how comfortable you are learning the content, the amount of free time you have, and what is available in your area. 

The key is to find a state and NASBLA approved course and make sure the course is designed appropriately for your state or location where you plan to boat. In addition to courses, it never hurts to opt for boating courses across the country. Still, these classes also cover important local laws you need to know. 

What To Expect From The Course

These training courses usually include a great deal of instruction on how to sail on the water. This consists of the skills, sometimes problematic, of casting off and docking. Also to be covered are night navigation and the various forms of signaling. Learning these skills will help you stay safe and avoid disasters.   

The course should also give you extensive coverage of your state’s boating laws. This covers everything from who is allowed to operate the boat to protect the environment around you. You’ll also be learning about the extremes of being on the water and extreme water sports and just being aware of what can happen and how to prevent it if something goes wrong.  

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