It’s always fun to plan trips with family and friends, especially if it involves fun water activities. For this, renting a boat or even buying one is a great option. However, different options in the market adapt to what you are looking for and need: fishing, fun, or relaxation. 

If you would like to embark on the adventure of boating, here we tell you a little about the types of boats, so you have an idea of what to choose. 

5 Types of Boats for Lakes 

When considering the best boat for your lake adventures, it’s best to consider the lake you want to visit and the type of boating activities you’d like to do. A smaller boat is the best choice for smaller lakes. 

For boating on larger lakes, where weekend boat traffic or wind and weather can cause bumpy conditions, a larger boat will deliver a safe and comfortable ride and have the speeds and range to cover longer distances efficiently.

Pontoon Boats 

They offer a wide range of features, sizes, and amenities. Pontoons offer large interior space and can comfortably carry a group of family and friends. They are very stable on the water and generally easy to operate. These boats are powered by an outboard motor that is quiet and easy to maintain.

Because of their size and power, pontoons are not as fast or efficient as a boat with a planning hull, such as a runabout or deck boat. They will not handle rough water as well as those boats. 

Deck Boats 

Deck boats with similar runabouts are available in a wide range of sizes, from under 16 feet to over 26 feet. Runabouts and deck boats are “all-around” family boats that can be used for cruising, exploring, water sports, and angling. The planing hull can be fast, and its “v” design provides a comfortable drive in rough water.

Ski Boat

Ski boats can be based on either a freshwater fishing boat or a runabout. In both cases, the original design has been modified to make the boats more versatile: a fishing boat with some familiar design features, such as a tall windshield and comfortable seating, or a runabout with angling features, a live well, and a trolling motor. 

These boats provide a design that makes them more suitable for a family that wants to do it all on the water.

Watersport Boats

They provide plenty of power for towing but sacrificing speed and efficiency. These boats are often equipped with water ballast tanks on board that can be filled with electric pumps to add weight to the boat, making for an even bigger wake. A watersports boat can serve as a family-friendly runabout, but the ride will not be as smooth as a runabout.

Center Console Boats

These boats are well suited for sport fishing and working in offshore waterways with large numbers of lake fish. Essential equipment consists of bait wells, overboard rod holders, fish lockers, and outriggers, to name a few. In addition, the deck offers a powerful insulation system for fish storage.

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